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Advanced excel training course in Delhi

XL Technologies is one of the best institutions in India. We offer the best Ms excel training in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon. We offer basic excel training, advanced excel training & advanced corporate excel training courses. XL Technologies has designed its basic excel courseAdvanced excel course by its Experts who are most experienced professionals in Excel & data analytics program. Our team has more than 10 yrs of experience in advanced excel training programs. We are driven to deliver the quality of training to our students and clients according to the real corporate world needs.

Our customized Microsoft excel course aims to Enhance your skills In generating reports with accuracy and efficiency by using complex formulas, charts & graphs. Microsoft Excel advanced course will improve your productivity multi-dimensionally and helps you stand out professionally.


Key areas where Advanced Microsoft Excel Training is required most:

      • Accounting
      • MIS Reporting
      • Data Scientist
      • Financial Analysts
      • Data Analyst
      • Business Analysts
      • Market Research
      • Banking
      • Logistics management
      • HR Management
      • Billing / Project Management
      • Backend Process

Advanced excel training course highlights:

      • FREE demo classes.
      • 40+ Hours Course duration
      • Weekdays & Weekends Classes
      • Corporate trainers
      • Lifetime support after course completion.
      • Regular & Fast-track batches.
      • Worldwide valid certificate.
      • 100% job assistance for a lifetime.

Our advanced Excel Training is mostly covered in a 95% practical way. Important topics we covered in the excel advanced training course are basic calculations in excel, text and number formatting, conditional formatting, making pivot table & pivot charts, data analysis in excel, different methods of making charts in excel, page setup in excel, logical formulas, Text formulas, time & date formulas, statistical formulas & LOOKUP formulas in excel.


MS Excel Course Duration & Fees


Course Mode Course Duration
Regular Classes 1 Months
  Weekend Classes 4 Weeks

Advanced Excel Course Syllabus

  • MS Excel Introduction
  • Setting up the column and row
  • Basic mathematical calculations
  • Paste special and format painter
  • Custom formatting and alignment
  • All numbers formatting
  • Conditional formatting
  • Sorting / Custom sorting
  • Data filtering (Basic / Advanced)

  • Pivot Introduction
  • Use of Rows fields, Column fields & Report Filters
  • Use of Value Field Setting in Pivot
  • Arranging Date Field in Pivot
  • Grouping in Pivot
  • Report Layouts in Pivot
  • Making Pivot Range Dynamic
  • Calculated Fields in Pivot

  • Use of Percent of Grand Total
  • Use of Row & Column Total
  • The difference from & Percent Difference From
  • Use of Percent of
  • Ranking in Pivot
  • Running Total ( Cumulative Frequency )

  • Use of Slicer in Pivot
  • Pivot Connections with Slicer
  • Use of Timeline
  • Making Pivot Charts
  • Use of Legends in Pivot Charts
  • Dashboard Using Slicer and Pivot Charts

  • Different Methods of Making Charts •Difference between Clustered & Staked Charts
  • Stock Charts in Excel
  • Charts Elements Setting
  • Linear & Linear Forecast Trend Lines
  • Overview of Deep Settings

  • Hyperlinking Websites, E-mail, and Files •Hyperlinking Sheet Cells
  • Header And Footer
  • Page Setup (Margins, Size, Printing Area) •Print Titles (Top & Left)
  • Content Printing Solutions

  • Formulas Intro (Concept & Operators)
  • If Function with Logical Arguments
  • Nesting with if
  • And + Or Formulas in Excel
  • Nesting with If + And + Or
  • If Error Implementation

  • Concatenate
  • Upper, Lower, Proper & Trim
  • Len & Rept
  • Find & Search
  • Replace & Substitute
  • All the above formulas and its Implementation on Real Corporate Data

  • Date & Time Formula
  • DateValue & TimeValue
  • Day, Month, Year Formulas
  • Edate, EOMonth
  • Networkdays & Networkdays.INTL
  • All the above formulas and its Implementation on Real Corporate Data.

  • Relative & Absolute References
  • Vlookup Intro (Concept & Arguments)
  • Use of Vlookup with Different Scenarios •Vlookup With Match
  • Approximate Match & Exact Match in Vlookup •Vlookup on Large Corporate Data
  • Hlookup Formula
  • Index & Match Formulas
  • All the above formulas and its Implementation on Real Corporate Data

  • Sumif & Countif
  • Sumifs & Countifs
  • Count Blank & CountA
  • Dynamic Data Update With Above Functions
  • All above formulas and its Implementation on Real Corporate Data.

  • Name manager & Auditing formals
  • Getting external data (Access, SQL)
  • Using connection
  • Advanced filter
  • Text to column wizard
  • Remove duplicates
  • Setting up data validations with creating drop-down list
  • Consolidation & Scenario manager
  • Goal seek and data table
  • Grouping (rows and columns)
  • Recording & Assign Macros
  • Advance conditional formatting
  • Course Revision & Doubt Clearing Session


Course Curriculum

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  • 5,000.00 4,000.00
  • 80 Hours



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