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SQL Course Training in Delhi

XL Technologies is one of the best Training institutions in India. We offer the best training on SQL server program in Delhi/NCR. We have designed our SQL server course by our corporate experienced trainers. SQL Server course has been designed as per the corporate world’s requirement.


Introduction to SQL Training

Structured Query Language is called SQL in short. SQL is a standard language for accessing databases. SQL is used to access and manipulate data in various databases for websites, apps, data science & data analysis requirements. We make you proficient after the completion of the SQL course from XL technologies, Delhi.


SQL training course in Delhi- highlights

  • 16 hours course duration
  • Weekdays & weekend (sat/sun) classes.
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Worldwide valid certificate
  • Lifetime support after course completion
  • 100% job assistance
  • Free demo classes
  • Regular, Weekend & fast-track batches also available

SQL Course Duration & Fees in Delhi


Course Mode Course Fee Course Duration
Regular classes 4,000 1 month
Weekend classes 4,000 4 weeks

SQL Course Syllabus: Full Curriculum

      • Creating Database
      • Rename /Alter Database
      • Selecting the correct Database before making table

      • Creating table
      • Insert Data into Table
      • View Your Table
      • Update Data in Table
      • View Your Table with Criteria
      • View Your Table with Particular Column
      • Count Value in a Particular Column
      • Select Distinct (Unique) values from a column
      • Select Data With Sorting (ASC, DESC)
      • Select Data With null Valuse
      • Select Top Data
      • Select Min Data
      • Select Max Data

      • Primary Key & Foreign Key Relationship

      • Inner join
      • Left Join
      • Right Join
      • Full Join
      • Joins with Particular Columns
      • Inner Join with Three Tables

      • Union
      • Group By
      • Showing Columns with different Names (as)
      • Having
      • Adding a default constraint
      • Drop (Delete) any constraint
      • Cascading Referential Integrity
      • Adding a Check Constraint
      • Between Statement in SQL
      • In / Not in Statement in SQL
      • Like / Not Like Statement in SQL

      • Drop Store Procedure
      • Find Text of a Store Procedure
      • Find Dependent Tables of a Store Procedure
      • Create Store Procedure with input parameters
      • Run a SP

      • Concatenate in SQL
      • Upper Case
      • Lower Case
      • Remove Right Side Space
      • Remove Left Side Space
      • Reverse Text
      • Count Text
      • Extract First Name
      • Extract Last Name

      • Date and time functions in SQL











Course Curriculum

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  • 5,000.00
  • 25 Hours



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